Privacy Policy

Because we understand that your privacy is essential, we at Family Business Gallery take our ethical duties as well as your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy describes how we gather personal information, the kinds of personal information we receive and collect, how we utilize current and previous consumer information, and the measures we take to keep your information secure. It also describes how we protect your information.

The fact that you are using this site indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Family Business Gallery Privacy Policy in force at the time of your usage.

In the event that you do not agree with this policy, you should refrain from using the Family Business Gallery website.

The information provided in this disclaimer is intended to assist you to gain more trust in our website and to improve your overall Internet experience.

As a result, in accordance with industry standards and laws, which are usually enforced by federal and state governments, we adhere to the terms of the following Privacy Statement.

We May Collect the Below Information

  • When you sign up to receive emails from this website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • When you are looking for information.
  • The time you leave a comment on one of the blogs that we have posted.
  • When you submit an application for the Newsletter.

In accordance with this Privacy Policy, the following kinds of information may be collected, shared, and/or kept for particular business reasons as described in this document.

  • Full Name
  • Postal Address
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Primary and Secondary Phone Numbers
  • E-mail Address

Legal Protection

We will disclose any information we have on you without notifying you in response to court orders, subpoenas, and to cooperate with government investigations without notifying you beforehand.

Our discretionary sharing of information may be needed by law in order to conduct investigations, prevent fraud, circumstances involving possible risks to the physical safety of any person, breaches of the Family Business Gallery Terms of Service, or other legal obligations.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Information

Family Business Gallery retain the right to sell or transfer your personal information to third parties for any reason at their sole discretion and will do so if the circumstances warrant it.

As part of this process, Family Business Gallery may share Consumer PII with advertisers, service providers, marketers, lookup and reference services, and any other organizations that Family Business Gallery thinks may be able to present Consumers with unique offers or opportunities.

It is against Family Business Gallery policy to sell or transfer Consumer PII to non-affiliated organizations for their purpose without first providing you with the option to opt-out.

Because of the way this Web Site is designed and operated, Consumers should be aware that the processing of Consumer PII for the purposes described above may necessitate the transfer of such PII from within the United States of America (“USA”) to countries outside the USA, where data protection regulations may not be as stringent as those in the USA.

Business Transfer

It is conceivable that Family Business Gallery will merge with or be purchased by another firm in the future, just as it is possible for any other business to do so. It is possible that the successor business will get access to the information held by Family Business Gallery, including client account information if such acquisition takes place. Any successor business shall be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy in perpetuity.


To access and use this website, you must be at least 18 years old. We do not intentionally collect, use, or disclose personally identifiable information of visitors under the age of 18 without their consent. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), you are not permitted to use the services available on our website unless you have obtained the approval, permission, and supervision of your parents or guardians beforehand.

Cookies and IP Addresses

We utilize “cookie” technology in order to provide you with a more efficient and effective service. A cookie is a little bit of data that is saved on the hard disc of the user’s computer and includes information about the user. Cookies are in no way associated with personally identifiable information (PII) about the consumer. An individual cookie is usually terminated when a person closes their web browser. Websites use cookies to “personalize” themselves for each visitor and to decrease the amount of time it takes for pages to load on a user’s computer to be shown. Cookies also aid in the gathering of consumer tracking data, which is necessary in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

Advertisements & Pop Up Windows

From time to time, you may get advertising for Family Business Gallery from unaffiliated sources. Advertisements for Family Business Gallery are provided by a third-party website that you have visited, as well as directly from this website or any other website owned by the company that operates it.

Such ads may also be inserted by third-party ad servers or ad networks, among other things. We have established working agreements with a number of third-party advertising networks that are presently in operation.

If you want to learn more about the individual ad networks or the network advertising initiative, you can visit their respective websites.

Relationships, transactions, and any opt-out requests with any such third party are controlled by the particular policy that such third party has in place, not by the policies of Family Business Gallery or any other third party.

Third Party Links

This Privacy Policy applies to any and all information that you submit to Family Business Gallery, including any personal information.

Although Family Business Gallery may offer links to third-party websites, bear in mind that you will be dealing with an outside entity that operates under its own privacy and security standards, as well as its own terms of service and privacy policies.

You should be aware that if you choose to receive some services via a third-party website, the data gathered by the third party is controlled by the privacy policies of that third party.

Cookies are used by third-party websites, and each site will have its own policy about its usage.

Consider reviewing the privacy policies and terms of service offered by any other service provider from whom you may be requesting services before proceeding.